Finale to Pembrokeshire Fish Week – Proms, Prawns & Picnics at Pembroke Castle

For just over a week at the end of June each year, Pembroke opens its doors and plays host to the Pembrokeshire Fish Week.  Hundreds of restaurants and businesses organise seafood events throughout the region and a plethora of activities are arranged in conjunction with this monumental food festival. From guided foraging to snorkel safaris, children’s activities and the finest fresh fish you will ever have the good fortune to try, there is always something for everything at this event.

This year, on the closing weekend of Fish Week, Pembroke Castle held a spectacular ‘Proms, Prawns & Picnics’ party to celebrate another successful festival and to keep us all keen and eager for the event next year. The small town is dominated by the castle’s ancient, imposing stone walls, and it is this idyllic setting that made it a perfect venue for a classical music performance.

On a lovely evening in early July we sent a group of excited foodies to this dramatic location where, after they struggled up the steep hill carrying heavy backpacks full of blankets, bags, hampers, chairs and bottles of wine, they had a fantastic night ahead of them.

As they approached the towering gates of the castle, they had absolutely no idea what to expect. It took them a few minutes to find a spot, since there was an impressively large crowd. Once they had settled down on the grass, they ripped open their snacks and uncorked the wine, and got ready for an evening of picnicking and concert music.

The Cardiff Philarmonic Orchestra appeared in their formal evening wear and were greeted enthusiastically. The night kicked off with a selection of tunes from Oliver and other favourites, and continued with an equally popular medley ranging from Brahms’ Hungarian dance no. 5 all the way through to a spine chilling rendition of John Williams' theme tune from Jaws.

The music was fantastic with the acoustic perfect on the clear summer evening. The historic castle provided a splendid setting with wonderful acoustics and, to top it all off, the performance concluded with a beautiful firework display: a truly marvellous evening for everyone lucky enough to be there.

They confirmed that they will be heading back next year for certain, although they’ll make sure to pack more clothes – the evening started off fairly balmy, but it didn’t take long for the chill from the sea to set in!


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