Around the World in 6 Foods: Food You'll Love, Food to Avoid

It might be that you like the hottest chillies, the sweetest cakes, the saltiest seafood or the freshest vegetables, but whatever flavours you love to eat, make sure you get an opportunity to try them all. Food lovers will love nothing more than trying new cuisines from every corner of the globe, and one of the best ways for you to have that experience is to go to an international food festival. That is because the world is filled with many exciting, delicious dishes that demand to be tasted. However, there are also some foods that you need to be brave enough to try. Whether it’s an unusual combination, an exotic and unexpected way of making it, or a risky reputation, there are some foods in the world that it’s only natural to want to avoid. You should know how to recognise these meals in case they ever do find a way onto your plate. We’re therefore taking you around the world in six foods, so you can discover the dishes you’ll love and the dishes you should avoid.


Do you love nothing more than a scrumptious bowl of noodles? Well, you haven’t lived until you’ve treated yourself to ramen noodles in Japan. An explosion of flavours will burst onto your tongue when you try the meat broth that will be flavoured with either miso or soy sauce. Every Japanese region will have its own variation, so you can try ramen topped with corn or a boiled egg, and there are other ways it can be prepared. You can try ramen noodle soup, and you can even have them seasoned with curry. It’s worthwhile trying all of the different variations you can find in different restaurants and street food stalls to enjoy unique and tasty flavour combinations.

However, during your trip to Japan, there is certainly one dish you’ll want to avoid at all costs, which is called Natto. While this traditional dish made from soybeans is rather popular in Japan, it’s often hard for tourists to stomach. That is because the acquired taste is created from fermented soybeans with soy sauce, it has a notoriously slimy texture, and it has a strong smell which is not unlike the smell of strong cheese.


Italy is the home of foodies. Not only is it famed for its scrumptious pizzas, pasta and desserts, but it’s also the destination to visit to try delicious deep-fried olives. Head to Ascoli-Piceno, a southern region of Italy, to take your pick from a variety of deep-fried options, such as prosciutto or ground-beef stuffed olives, which are sold from both local restaurants and street vendors. This could well be the healthiest dish that’s deep fried that you can call guilt-free, and it can make a perfect starter for many Italian meals if you want to have a go at making them yourself.

Despite being the home to exceptional flavour combinations, Italy is also responsible for one extremely bizarre tradition, Casu Marzu, which is one of the most dangerous foods in the world. You’ll need a strong stomach to consume this cheese, which is left uncovered to allow flies to lay their eggs inside as it’s being made. Sounds bad, right? Well, it gets worse, as the maggots are what causes the cheese’s fermentation, and it’s the larvae that can lead to illness. The name literally translates to ‘rotten cheese’, so you’ll have to be pretty brave when it comes to eating if you aren’t going to be put off by that.


China is responsible for some of the most delicious dishes in the world, which is why you might not know which dishes to try first on your travels. You could be forgiven for trying to taste as many dishes as you can get your hands on. When you do go, don’t leave the country without opting for the Sichuan hot pot, particularly if you happen to be going to the Sichuan Province. The dish is made from thinly sliced meat and fresh vegetables that you can cook yourself, and it is surrounded by spicy boiled water and oil. You won’t have experienced any flavour that’s quite like it.

There is, however, one dish you might want to avoid during a trip to China. Blood clams are known for containing various viruses, including Hepatitis A and B. In fact, they’re believed to infect 15% of people who try them, so it’s definitely one dish that’s well worth you skipping out on if you value your health.

If you’ve lost your appetite reading about some of the food from around the world to avoid then don’t be completely put off from finding dishes closer to home. October is a great month for eating and drinking events, so don’t miss out, and Christmas is coming up – the no.1 event of the year for any dedicated foodie. Whether you’re adventurous, and you’re reading this to find out how to test your taste buds, or you’re more timid, and you’ll do whatever it takes to keep these meals off your plate, everyone is excited about the season of roasts, puddings and warming drinks.


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