Biggleswade Flavours of the World

Thursday November 16 2017to Friday November 17 2017

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Flavours of the World Market will be coming to Biggleswade this September – against the backdrop of the high street. Prepare for three days of traders and shoppers filling the street, to create a buzzing hub of international wonder.

The marketplace has a great historical significance as place of cultural learning and discovery. Before the supermarkets and the internet, the marketplace was where traders would introduce their world to the world. Those who had sailed the seas discovering new lands and cultures would gather the culinary and material treasures they harboured and bring them to market to showcase to their native countrymen. Savoir Fayre continues this tradition, inviting select traders to bring their cultural and historic knowledge and the authenticity that they hold precious to the Flavours of the World Market in Biggleswade.

Flavours of the World is a market intended to stir the senses. Among the atmosphere, accents and aromas you will discover Italian sweets and biscuits from the home of the lightest nougats, and cheese that characterises the cultural and culinary identity of its hometown, along with cured meats, fuet and saucisson from every corner of France and beyond its borders. There will be stalls offering a range of coffees and mustards the breadth of which boggles the mind, all brought by traders with the knowledge and passion to enlighten you of the subtleties between them.

Beyond the stalls that tempt the taste buds, the market showcases the beauty of craft  that exist beyond our shores. From bowls and ornaments carved from Moroccan marble, and Baltic amber set into handcrafted jewellery, to finely woven Italian clothing, rugs and throws and over 60 scents of soap, forged from olive oil and enriched with argon oils from Alep to Marseille.

A full list of the traders who will be at Flavours of the World is available on the website.

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