Festivals with Food Challenges

If you’ve ever watched Man Vs Food, or any eating competition for that matter, you’ve probably thought the food challenge a feasible feat. In order to help you put your money (or copious amounts of food) where you mouth is, here’s a handy collection of the food festivals in the UK offering eating challenges.

Great British Food Festival  

With numerous events throughout the year, The Great British Food Festival likes to give hopefuls across the country an opportunity to participate in food challenges. The next one on the calendar is the Christmas edition which promises to bring a touch of festive spice to the challenge. In an attempt to gain eternal glory, entrants will have to munch their way through all of the staples you’d find in a three course Christmas dinner, conveniently mushed together into a pint glass. 

Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Leeds

Kingston Food Festival 

If you’re thinking of heading to the Kingston Food Festival, named one of the top five food festivals in August by The Telegraph, you may as well check out their edible entertainment. The festival will be holding two separate challenges (there’s no excuse not to join at least one) – an extreme food challenge and a chilli challenge. Past editions have seen competitors chow down on wood cutter ants and calf’s testicles, washed down with a birds nest beverage. Entrants need to arrive prepared for quite the taste-bud turmoil.

Tri Border Food Show 

Consisting of produce from Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, the Tri Border Food Show promises to bring the very best of three counties all under one roof. Part of the entertainment will be the eating challenge; a combination of speed and endurance as participants must power through monumental portion sizes.

Nantwich Food Festival

Appropriately named the ‘man v dabber sausage sizzler’ challenge, this year’s event saw entrants face up against a three pound sausage, curled up, covered in onions and served inside an XXL bap. If that’s not enough, this monumental meal also comes served on a bed of chips. Just thinking about it is enough to make you feel queasy.

The Cheese Chilli Festivals

Originally found solely in Christchurch, this event will be tripling its reach in 2015 by spreading to Basingstoke and Winchester.  Along with spreading the admiration for this delicious duo, the chilli eating challenge will also be open for locals to test their eye-watering, taste-bud tingling endurance. Enter at your own peril. 


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