London is a humongous city separated into 32 boroughs. Despite its size, some areas are very densely populated, none more so than Kensington, a district of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in central London. Whilst the buildings in Kensington are not particularly tall, the terraced houses, of Georgian and Victorian design, are split inside into separate flats. The borders of Kensington are difficult to distinguish. South Kensington blends into Chelsea, and North Kensington is separated from Kensington by Notting Hill (destination of the extremely popular festival, aptly named Notting Hill Carnival).

Kensington contains many world renowned institutions such as Imperial College, the Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Alternate places of interest include Vegfest – London, which is one of the biggest vegan events in the country and is an oasis of useful tips and tricks to living a more conscientious, whilst still delicious lifestyle.

The focus of this affluent district is Kensington High Street. Notable place here include Babylon at The Roof Gardens, a stylish restaurant which offers incredible views of the London skyline thanks to its position over 100 feet up from the street, on the seventh floor. 

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