Cheshire is a part of northwest England that has some historical foodie connections. The area has long been famed for its top-notch variety of cheese, which was first mentioned in a text published way back in the late 16th Century. In the 18th Century, the Royal Navy ordered Cheshire cheese in the thousands of tonnes due to it then being quite a hard variety that kept well and was easy to transport. Nowadays, the cheese is still quite dense but has a widely appreciated crumbly texture that the sailors of yesteryear wouldn’t have experienced quite as much.

Chester is the county town of Cheshire, which is home to a number of popular attractions. Chester Zoo immediately comes to mind, as its history was recently the subject of the BBC One drama Our Zoo. The walk along Chester city walls is also popular for tourists, as, at two miles long, it makes for relatively easy going, and includes the chance to see Eastgate Clock, which is said to be the second most photographed clock in the country after London’s Big Ben.

The county also plays home to the magnificent Capesthorne Hall, which is a very popular wedding venue owing to its Jacobean grandeur and pleasant countryside setting. If you know where to look, you’ll also stumble across a number of quality cafés, restaurants and bars.

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