November 2016 blogs

Recipe Ideas for the #Meatand2Veg Campaign

In case you're not familiar with the British “meat and 2 veg” dish, it's basically a simple dish that consists of any kind of meat alongside two vegetable sides. Hilariously, in the UK it's also a commonly used slang term for a man's private parts. The Orchid male cancer charity is using this play...

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Free Uber ride worth £15

You know us here at Food Festival Finder, we're always working on ways to give you something worthwhile. We're happy to say that in conjunction with Uber we're offering a free ride worth £15. So if you're out getting the Christmas shopping and get sucked into the temptation of a mulled wine or two...

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Mulling it Over: Wine vs Cider

[Photo Credit: Photeka Photography ] For the traditionalists among us, a glass of mulled wine is hard to beat at this time of year, but its cider competitor is becoming the festive tipple of choice for many. Sian Griffiths and Hannah Burton state their cases for these two festive favourites... Sian...

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