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5 street food trends to watch out for in the UK

One thing we know for certain about street food in the UK is that it’s been on the rise for years, and is only getting more popular. Food trucks are coming to infiltrate a town near you! F ood festivals like the upcoming Canteen Social in Kent suggest a full-scale country-wide street food...

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Top September Food and Drink Events

August may be famous in the UK for hosting an abundance of events, including Reading Festival, The V Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and many, many more. In September however, food festivals take to the main stage and invite all to chow down on some of the nation’s tastiest treats. Here at FFF...

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5 reasons why Valley Fest is a culinary event in its own right

Valley Fest is a rural gathering, encouraging festival-lovers from all around to get on, not off, their land! But it’s also an event for foodies. With so much food-based fun going on, it’s hard to deny it’s a culinary event in its own right! Here’s why. 1. The Wedding Feast The Wedding Feast is...

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Behind the Scenes at Port Eliot Festival

Working at this year's Port Eliot, there's much to report about the exciting things the festival has been doing for the world of food and drink. Here's the low-down! Port Eliot Festival 2017 It rained, and it kept on raining at Port Eliot this year. Yet that wasn't enough to spoil the care-free...

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